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ToolkitRC M4Q AC / DC CHARGER 4 x 50W w/ XT60 for LIPO/NIMH/LiHV/LiFe/Lion (4S/5A/50W)

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The ToolKitRC M4Q AC/DC Quad Charger that offers a lot of flexibility, and generous output power. Featuring a quad channel XT-60 output, the charger has the ability to charge up to 5A (50W) when on DC power for all four channels, output 5A (50w) for two of the four channels when on AC, or finally up to 5A (25W) when using all four channels on AC power. The limitations will be based on voltage of the battery being charged, so the wattage is what is important to focus on - and offers a decent amount of power ideal for those smaller capacity batteries, or moderate capacity lower cell count LiPos. Additionally featured is a colorful IPS display, and powerful 32bit ARM processor that is incredibly precise and provides tight voltage tolerances for all charging types!
  • AC & DC Power
  • Four battery outputs
  • Built in 100w AC Power supply
  • 10-18V DC input for 200w output power
  • 3.5 inch IPS screen, 480*320 resolution
  • 32 Bit ARM processor
  • High-precision charging management and balancing accuracy <0.005V
  • XT60 Charging output
  • Multiple language support (10 Language options)
  • Input voltage:
    • AC100-240V@MAX1.5A
    • DC10-18V@MAX20A
  • Type of battery:
    • LiPo/LiHv/LiFe/LiIo: 1-4S
    • NiMh: 1-10S
    • Pb: 1-8S
  • Balance current: 240mA @2-4S
  • Balance accuracy: < 0.005V
  • Charge power:
    • DC Input:
      • 0.1-5A @ 50Wx4
    • AC Input:
      • 0.1-5A @ 50Wx2 
      • 0.1-5A @ 25Wx4 
  • Voltage range: 0.2V-5.0V @ 1-4S
  • Internal resistance: 1-100mR @ 1-4S
  • Micro USB: Yes - Firmware Upgrade
  • Product size: 150*112*36.5mm
  • Product weight: 450g
  • Pack size: 160*160*46mm
  • Pack weight: 600g
  • LCD: IPS 3.5inch 480*320pixel
  • (1) ToolKitRC M4Q 50W 5A 1-4S AC/DC Smart Charger 



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