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Great Planes GPMZ4550 Realflight 8 Interlink-X Mode 2


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Product Description

This is the Great Planes RealFlight 8 R/C Flight Simulator                                     with InterLink-X Controller.                                                                                                             This version is Mode 2-Left Hand Throttle and Right Hand Elevator, USA Standard                                                                                                Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10                                      Local administrator access required                                                                                                                       Not compatible with Windows XP, Mac platforms or                                 Windows emulators such as Virtual PC on a Mac.                                                                                                       RealFlight performance will be greatly limited if used with a Netbook                                                                                                                   NEW FEATURES INCLUDE;                                 VR Headset Compatibility (Fly RealFlight with your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive)                         FPV Drones and Racing Challenges                                             Support for generic Joysticks/Gamepads                                                                                                                                     Challenges-                                                               New Multi-Rotor Physics                                   Ghost Runs-compete against your best times for individual challenge levels                                                                                                                     Aircraft-                                                              Many new FPV Racing Drones                                                             Riley Model B                                                                    Synergy 766                                                                      And More!                                                                                                                                                        Airport-                                                                    FPV Racing Site                                                                                                                            Still Includes All of the Following Extraordinary Features;                                                                                                      TrueView Realistic Lighting offers the visual impact of full-                     spectrum daylight, colors are brighter, truer and more intense.                 Contrasts are sharper at the extreme of black and white as well as              between shades of the same color.                                                                                                                             TruFlo Wind Dynamics                                                                                                                                            Welcome Screen-comes up after RealFlight is launched.                            Options include;                                                                 *Tip of the Day-Changes daily to offer user new and better ways to               use RealFlight                                                                 *Shortcuts for selecting new flying sites or aircraft, user's                    current favorites, and new aircraft/flying site combos                         *Built-in video player-with updated videos on essential flying                   skills                                                                                                                                                       RealPhysics 3D                                                                                                                                                  Reset/Rewind on the InterLink Elite Controller                                                                                                                  Multiplayer and Multimode                                                                                                                                       Water takeoffs and landings                                                                                                                                     Onscreen Camera Controls-cameras can be added or moved without                   leaving the screen-or using a menu.                                                                                                                            Night Flying                                                                                                                                                    Real Rendering                                                                                                                                                  AccuModel aircraft editor                                                                                                                                       FlexField flying site editor                                                                                                                                    Blade stop autorotations                                                                                                                              FEATURES: Vastly improved heli physics with features such as;                               Sound and Motion Physics, props and wheels blur, engine sound                    changes with RPM                                                               Realism on Impact reacts to pilot's actions to save their heli                   after a hard landing or crash                                                  "Full Coverage" Collision Detection, hundreds of sensor points for               realistic reaction to impacts                                                  Depth of Field Effect keeps model that is being flown the focal                  point                                                                          Night Flying-orient your flight to lights on the field below                    First Person Video (FPV) pilot's eye view of flight                             FlexiField Flying Site Editor-add buildings, trees and more                     Overhead Site Map-shows aircraft and runway locations                           Smoke Reaction-ultra realistic smoke and exhaust                                Blade Stop Autos                                                                Real Rendering-reveals fine details such as aircraft panel lines                Water Takeoffs and Landings w/seaplanes or float equipped aircraft            Movable Camera Angles-add cameras to aircraft with the Aircraft                  Editor and rotate their positions                                              Accu-Model controls every aspect of aircraft and flying sites,                   changes wingspan, airfoils, glow or electric power, trim schemes and            much more                                                                      Sky Grid-colored grid can be overlayed on the sky to ensure perfectly            symmetrical patterns and pinpoint entries and exits                            Wingtip and Rotary Trails allows pilot to trace their flight path               Reset/Rewind Button allows pilots to practice maneuvers, recreate                aerobatics, and more. "Seek" function precisely pauses the action so            pilot can analyze mistakes and correct them.                                   Using Multiplayer and your Internet connection you can fly with                   other RealFlight pilots. Hook up with an instructor for one-on-one              tutoring, engage in combat with a single opponent or a patrol - or              host multiplayer events for a whole squadron. You can invite                    guests, choose sites, aircraft and events, limit play by points or              elapsed time - and automate it all, so you can join the fun, too.               Please note, the number of participants in a Multiplayer                        session may be limited by the internet connection (speed                        and bandwidth) available to each participant.                                 Multiplayer Combat Events include Dead Ringer, Machine Gun, Streamer              Cut, Hardcore Combat, Rocket, and Paintball                                   In Combat Events, select a single opponent from any number of                     participants and track his movement throughout the virtual arena.             Pilot's License, choose a name, select an avatar, and create your own             profile to share - including a personal statement and flight hours              logged.                                                                       Use the Aircraft Editor to add cameras to your plane or heli, just                like any other object. Movable camera angles can be changed through             your controller. Activate servos using a switch or rotary knob to               rotate the camera position.                                                   TruFlo Wind Dynamics allow you to designate wind direction and speed,             from blustery to mild. Several flying sites support Dynamic Slope               Soaring and hand-launch gliders. G5.5 more accurately renders                   thermal winds-static thermals and dynamic thermals                            Built-in interface allows you to use your own transmitter if desired.           MultiMode lets you use the controller and interface simultaneously -              a feature no other R/C simulator has.                                         InterLink Elite controller features digital trims and QuickSelect,                                                                                              Choose from over 140 aircraft                                                   Airplanes:                                                                        Airboat                                                                         AJ Slick (51 inch)                                                              Albatros D.Va                                                                   AR-6 Endeavor                                                                   AT-6 Texan                                                                      B-25 Mitchell                                                                   Bede BD-5J                                                                      Cessna 182 Skylane                                                              DynaFlite Bird of Time                                                          Dynaflite Super Decathlon                                                       ElectriFly BLT Park Flyer                                                       ElectriFly Cirrus SR-22 Turbo                                                   ElectriFly Edge 540                                                             ElectriFly Edge 540 EP 3D XLC                                                   ElectriFly ElectroStreak                                                        ElectriFly Evader                                                               ElectriFly FlatOuts Extra 300S                                                  ElectriFly Fundango                                                             ElectriFly PBY Catalina                                                         ElectriFly Rifle                                                                ElectriFly Slinger                                                              ElctriFly Yak-54 3D                                                             Extra 300L                                                                      F5D Pylon Racer                                                                 F86                                                                             Flyzone AirCore ME-109                                                          Flyzone AirCore P-51 Mustang                                                    Flyzone AirCore Principle                                                       Flyzone Beechcraft Staggerwing                                                  Flyzone Calypso                                                                 Flyzone Cessna 182                                                              Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver                                                            Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver Float Plane                                                Flyzone Diablo Sport                                                            Flyzone Diablo Trainer                                                          Flyzone Hadron                                                                  Flyzone Millenium Master                                                        Flyzone Mini Switch Sport                                                       Flyzone Mini Switch Trainer                                                     Flyzone Sensei                                                                  Flyzone SkyFly                                                                  Flyzone Skyfly 2                                                                Flyzone Switch Sport                                                            Flyzone Switch Trainer                                                          Futaba Sky Leaf                                                                 Gary Wright Model Products E3D                                                  Gee Bee R-2                                                                     General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper                                                     Great Planes Avistar Elite                                                      Great Planes Big Stik                                                           Great Planes Big Stik with Floats                                               Great Planes Cap 232                                                            Great Planes Factor 30cc                                                        Great Planes Fling 2-Meter                                                      Great Planes Kunai                                                              Great Planes Micro F-86 Sabre EDF                                               Great Planes Proud Bird                                                         Great Planes PT40                                                               Great Planes Revolver                                                           Great Planes SpaceWalker                                                        Great Planes Spirit 100                                                         Great Planes Super Sportster                                                    Great Planes Super Sportster w/Floats                                           Great Planes Ultra Sport                                                        Great Planes Yak-54 Foamy                                                       Hall Bulldog                                                                    Harrier                                                                         Hawk                                                                            Hobbico ElectriStar                                                             Hobbico NexSTAR                                                                 Hobbico NexSTAR w/AFS                                                           Hobbico NexSTAR EP                                                              Hobbico NexSTAR EP w/AFS                                                        Hobbico Twinstar                                                                L-39 Albatross                                                                  ME262                                                                           Messerschmitt BF109e                                                            Mini Switch                                                                     Mistral 3M                                                                      Mitsubishi A6M Zero                                                             Multiplex Easy Star                                                             Multiplex ParkMaster 3D                                                         North American AT-6 Texan                                                       P-6E Hawk                                                                       P-51D Mustang                                                                   Paper Airplane                                                                  PAU Edge 540 36%                                                                Piper J-3 Cub                                                                   Piper J-3 Cub with Floats                                                       Pitts S-2B                                                                      Quadcopter                                                                      RF-97                                                                           Revolver                                                                        Riley Model B                                                                   Ripmax WOT 4                                                                    Russian Thunder Yak-54                                                          Ryan STA                                                                        Sbach Thunderbolt 35%                                                           Schneider Cup Racer                                                             Seawind                                                                         Sensei                                                                          Shuriken 60" Sloper                                                             Sig Seniorita                                                                   Simple Flyer                                                                    SkyShip                                                                         Sopwith Pup                                                                     Travel Air Mystery Ship                                                         Top Flite Cessna 182 Skylane                                                    Top Flite F4U Corsair                                                           Top Flite FW-190                                                                Top Flite Giant Zero                                                            Tower Hobbies Extra Special                                                     Ultimate Biplane                                                                V-22 Osprey                                                                     Wild RC Mini IFO                                                                Wright Flyer (1903)                                                             Yak 54                                                                        Helicopters:                                                                      AH-64 Apache                                                                    Align T-Rex 500                                                                 Bell 222                                                                        Bell 222 Scale Head                                                             Bell Jetranger                                                                  Bell Jetranger Scale Head                                                       Dominion 3D                                                                     Dominion 3D 90                                                                  Dominion 3D 90 Flybarless                                                       Dominion 400                                                                    Dominion 450                                                                    Ecureuil                                                                        Ecureuil Scale Head                                                             Gaui X7                                                                         Helimax Axe 400 3D                                                              Helimax Axe CP                                                                  Helimax Axe EZ                                                                  Hind Mi-24                                                                      Huey                                                                            KDE 700                                                                         Mako F3C                                                                        Miniature Aircraft X-Cell Furion 450                                            Rave 90 ENV                                                                     Rave ENV Electric                                                               Schweizer                                                                       Schweizer with Floats                                                           Skycrane                                                                        Synergy E6                                                                      Synergy E7                                                                      Synergy N5c                                                                     Synergy 766                                                                     Thunder Tiger E700                                                              Thunder Tiger Raptor G4 E720                                                    Thunder Tiger Raptor 90 G4                                                      Thunder Tiger Innovator Expert                                                  T-Rex 500                                                                       Tutor 600                                                                       Tutor 600 Trainer                                                               Westland Lynx                                                                 Multirotor:                                                                       Explorer 580                                                                    Gaui 330X-S Quad Flyer                                                          Helimax 1SQ                                                                     H4 Quadcopter 520                                                               Helimax FORM500                                                                 Helimax Voltage 500 3D                                                          Hexacopter 780                                                                  Hubsan X4 Pro                                                                   Octocopter 1000                                                                 Quadcopter                                                                      Quadcopter X                                                                    Rise RXS255                                                                     Scorpion Sky Strider 280                                                        Tempest 250                                                                     Tempest 280                                                                     Tiny Terror 150                                                                 Tricopter 900                                                                   X8 Quadcopter 1280                                                              xCraft X PlusOne                                                                Xiro Xplorer                                                                  PhotoField Sites:                                                                 Alpine Meadow                                                                   Carl Henson Field                                                               Evergreen Airport                                                               Gold Country Aeromodeler Park                                                   Grass Flatlands                                                                 Grass Flatlands (Night)                                                         Lake Douglas                                                                    LIARS Field                                                                     Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark                                       Sod Farm                                                                        Waco Field                                                                    3D Flying Sites:                                                                  Air Race Desert                                                                 Air Race Stadium                                                                Aircraft Carrier                                                                Alpine Lake                                                                     Apocalypse                                                                      Bayou                                                                           Boneyard                                                                        Buena Vista                                                                     Carnival                                                                        Castle                                                                          Castle HD                                                                       Construction Site                                                               DS Ridgeline                                                                    FPV Racing Site                                                                 Flight School                                                                   Flight School (Night)                                                           Japanese Temple                                                                 Joe's Garage                                                                    Joe's Garage (HD)                                                               Junkyard                                                                        Marooned                                                                        Observatory                                                                     Obstacle Course                                                                 Obstacle Course (Night)                                                         Palace                                                                          RealFlight Ranch                                                                Sandy Point                                                                     Shipwreck                                                                       Sierra Nevada Cliff                                                             Sky Carrier                                                                     Soccer Field                                                                    Soccer Field HD                                                                 Thermal Park                                                                                                                                        INCLUDES: One Great Planes RealFlight 8 R/C Flight Simulator DVD                          InterLink-X controller                                                          Cable for JR and Hitec radios                                                   Cable with micro-plug adapter for newer Futaba radios with square                 port (order GPMZ4064 if extra cable is needed)                                                                                                      REQUIRES: Minimum Recommended System: (Note: Some graphical features may be                 disabled. Aerodynamic calculations will remain high-quality)                      Windows Vista, 7, 8, or Windows 10                                              *Administrator access required                                                  Intel Pentium 1.0GHz or equivalent                                              512 MB RAM                                                                      10 GB Hard Drive Space                                                          DVD Drive                                                                       3D Accelerated Video with:                                                      32 MB Dedicated Video Memory                                                    Full Windows DirectX 9 compliant (Shader Model 2.0 or better)                   USB Port                                                                    Optimal System: For best graphical performance                                      Dual Core 2.4GHz CPU                                                            2 GB RAM                                                                        3D Accelerated Video with:                                                      512 MB dedicated video memory                                                   Pixel Shader 3.0 support                                                    Multiplayer Requirements:                                                           Broadband internet connection                                                   Computer microphone for voice chat                                          Virtual Reality Headset:                                                           Please see the system requirements for your device                           InterLink-X Controller:                                                             USB Port                                                                        Compatible FM or FM selectable transmitter if using the Interface               mode 

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Take back the skies with the ultimate RC simulator. Coming late October 2017.

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    Take back the skies with the ultimate RC simulator. Coming lat...

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